The People Incorporated Connection

We connect individuals to employment, new skills training, and higher education through innovative initiatives that serve workers, job seekers, and employers. The goal is to enhance the productivity and prosperity of the communities in which we live.

Article: Helping Laid-off Coal Industry Workers in Southwest Virginia click here.

Adult Workforce Investment Act

One-Stop Career Centers provide adults age 18 and over with workforce preparation, talent development service, and job placement. Connections with GED preparation, continuing education and employment placement services are also provided.

Youth Workforce Investment Act

Education, training, and employment opportunities for youth ages 14 through 21 are designed to eliminate the multiple barriers to employment for low-income youth. The program develops skilled workers with flexibility to adapt to changing demands of local economies.
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Learn more about the Youth Workforce Development Program.

Dislocated Worker Program

This program is designed to meet employer needs by helping job seekers upgrade skills, obtain employment, improve job retention, and increase earnings. The program offers employment and training programs for eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own or have received an official layoff

Virginia Workforce Council 2012-2013 Annual Report

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