The Child and Family Development Nutrition Department promotes nutritious eating and healthy habits to the children in our care. We recognize the vital relationship between nutrition and education. We ensure that each child is offered high-quality and well-balanced meals.

Nutrition Nuggets Newsletters

Nutrition Nuggets are your monthly newsletters with tips for a healthy lifestyle for your child. Each newsletter includes exercises, recipes, and snack ideas to promote healthier habits in your home. There is not a June, July or August 2017 Nutrition Nuggets Newsletter.

May 2017 - English
Mayo de 2017- Spanish

For more information contact:

Chastity O'Quinn, Nutrition Specialist
(276) 619-2289
1173 W. Main St.
Abingdon, VA 24210

July and August Menus

Early Head Start- July

Early Head Start- August

Head Start-August

Last Month's Nutrition Nuggets

April 2017 - English
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